Cantilever Rack Bracing

Cantilever Rack Bracing come in various sizes ranging typically from 24″ to 96″ Wide. These different sizes allow you to set your cantilever rack towers at different “On Centers” which enables you to store many different lengths and weights of material. Some products require the span between the arms to be less than others due to their length and/or weight. Many times our clients will have different “On Centers” throughout their rack system to allow them to store a wide variety of products in the same row! Brace Sets allow you to space your towers at different widths based on the On Center requirement for your product that you will be storing.  There are two different types of bracing:


X-Bracing are two diagonal pieces of steel in the shape of an “X”.   They are bolted together on to the two adjacent towers.  This type of bracing adds the most stability to the system.


Horizontals are a single piece of steel laid horizontal between the two towers.  This helps maintain proper spacing between towers.

The picture below is the recommended layout, based upon height, of what the bracing for your system should be.  Our starter and adder kits are already designed with this in mind.  If you have any questions about x-braces or horizontals, give us a call.