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Single Sided Adder Kit

Do you have a warehouse or lumber yard layout where only one side would be accessible for storage?  If so, start with our single sided cantilever rack starter kits the add our adder kits to complete your run.  It is a perfect solution for this application.  Typically, every warehouse has four walls which make accessibility from one side your only solution.  Maybe you are in the middle of your warehouse, but want pallet racking on the back side of your cantilever system.  If so, consider using a single sided system.  Our single sided adder kits make the job of completing your single sided setup a breeze.  The startup cost is much less than a double sided, but you only get half has much storage.

All single sided adder kits come with these items:

  • One structural towers
  • One structural bases
  • Depending on height, varying amounts of straight or inclined arms
  • Depending on height, x-bracing with horizontals

We have varying capacities available depending on how much weight you need to hold.  The range from Light Duty, all the way to Super Heavy Duty.  Call our sales team for their recommendation of what you will need.

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